william shakespeare wrote a black italian lead but ofc there cant be any poc in frozen its in europe

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Conspiracies are definitely a white boy culture thing because women and poc don’t have to imagine an elaborate scenario in which the government fucks us over.

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"Meanwhile, the presumed stockpile of penis photos taken by Hollywood actors remains curiously untouched"
A line from an EW article questioning why it’s only women in Hollywood who have their privacy violated x (via pansycakeofwesteros)

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Interracial and same sex marriage comparison.

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Interracial and same sex marriage comparison.


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"how will i explain gay couples to my children”

if you can explain to your children that an immortal man in a red suit who lives in the north pole travels around the entire world on one night every year on a sleigh carried by magical flying deer i think itll be easy enough to tell them two people are in love

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U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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campaign to use the word “productive” less and try out fulfilling, satisfying, or meaningful more

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Hold the fuck up, Swedish politics just got one million times better

Yeah I quite liked Jonas in that debate.


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"A boy may be as disagreeable as he pleases, but when a girl refuses to crap sunshine on command, the world mutters darkly about her moods."

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Somewhere, Kristin Stewart just smirked a little. 

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things women worry about under patriarchy: rape, domestic violence, access to contraceptives, equal pay

things men worry about under patriarchy: getting called gay, paying for dates, why does the car wash give women $1 off on wednesdays

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"I can’t accept that. I can’t accept that there was only one black woman in the entire film, who delivered one line and who we never saw again. I can’t accept that the bad guys were Asian and that although in China, Lucy’s roommate says, “I mean, who speaks Chinese? I don’t speak Chinese!” I can’t accept that in Hercules, which I also saw this weekend, there were no people of color except for Dwayne Johnson himself and his mixed-race wife, whose skin was almost alabaster. I can’t accept that she got maybe two lines and was then murdered. I can’t accept that the “primitive tribe” in Hercules consisted of dark-haired men painted heavily, blackish green, to give their skin (head-to-toe) a darker appearance, so the audience could easily differentiate between good and bad guys by the white vs. dark skin. I can’t accept that during the previews, Exodus: Gods and Kings, a story about Moses leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, where not a single person of color is represented, casts Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton to play Egyptians. I can’t accept that in the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which takes place in London, features a cast of white boys and not a single person of Indian descent, which make up the largest non-white ethnic group in London. I can’t accept that in stories about the end of the world and the apocalypse, that somehow only white people survive. I can’t accept that while my daily life is filled with black and brown women, they are completely absent, erased, when I look at a TV or movie screen."
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"this lady thinks that men are encouraged to be aggressive and violent? lets threaten her that will show how wrong she is" like what the fuck point do you think youre making 

this post is getting notes again in light of emma watsons speech and it wasnt even about her. this happens literally so constantly i didnt even need to put a name but it will gain notes ad infinitum 

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